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Team Work makes the Dream Work!

We are so happy about how well the website has been doing. We are both still learning and growing together! So far Facebook & Instagram have bee our main platforms for advertisement. Now we have added the website! It's a lot to learn. It's a lot of upkeep and updating; but we are enjoying the learning experience. It definitely makes order & payment tracking MUCH EASIER! Our Facebook & Instagram friends and family have been great! We really appreciate you all. Next step us to get the catering menu items updated / uploaded to the website. We also want to explore using Snapchat and TicToc as another platform for advertising....but that's going to be requested help from the kids. We both need social media 101 for old people. :0)

Thank you everyone for the continued support! Whether it be purchasing meals from us, using us for your catered events, recommending us to friends and family, re-posting our social media post, leaving us a review, or sharing our flyers; it is all a form of supporting our business and we appreciate you!

We also encourage you to support other small businesses. Especially small black businesses. Especially young small black businesses. I am so proud of the young entrepreneurs of today. Our young kids could be in the street getting in trouble or sitting in front of a video game but some of them are learning about entrepreneurship, building businesses, coordinating pop-up shops, brainstorming on how they can make money. I’m impressed, I’m proud, I’m happy for them. And I want to support them in anyway I can. So again I encourage you support small businesses. Support small black businesses. Support young businesses. I challenge you to support one small business a week. One small business a day if you can. Yes you can. Think of every time you pull out your wallet, your debit card, or cash. Instead of going to the big name companies, look for a small business that can service you. We try to support small businesses at least once a day. Whether it’s food, housework services, gift giving, books, health and beauty products, I can go on and on. Just about everything you need you can find a small business to support that can service you. Remember, when we buy from small business we are supporting a dream, helping support a family, possibly helping with college tuition or basketball league dues. When we purchase from those big-name companies we're just making the rich richer. I'm just saying.....

To sum up tonight's blog! We are doing the dayum thing and enjoying this journey together! Team Work makes the Dream Work and we love our Team!

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