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Summer Time!

Hello Hello Everyone! We Pray that everyone is having an enjoyable summer so far!

Happy Summer!

Happy Juneteenth!

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Independence Day!

Any Birthdays or big celebrations this summer?

Let us Cater your next event. Remember to order your Rum Punch for the next cook out! Oooh and invite us too.

Knock on Wood- Covid is in the past and we can all get together for gatherings, parties, cook out's, etc.. again.

Congratulations to our oldest son Josiah who had a baby last month. Welcome to the world Masiah! Yup, Dwight & Joyce are grandparents now!

Thank you to all our loyal customers, friends, family, all of you! We appreciate you, your orders, your referrals, your feedback, your sharing / posting on your social media, your words of encouragement, and especially your word of mouth.

As we are Blessed with new ventures and opportunities; we are shifting from daily meals to more catering, weekly meal prep, and pan orders. Oooh and don't forget our Specialty Drinks, Cakes, and Salad Prep orders this summer.

Continued Blessings to you all! We Love you! Stay Safe.

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2022

You guys are the best!!! And congratulations to Josiah💯🙏🏿

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