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...and the winner is!

Hello Hello Folks! Sooo the title of this blog page right? yeah No need to keep anyone in unnecessary suspense. You can tell by the first photo above who the winner of the Chicken Order Challenge was. Me, I, Joyce, JoyC, Wifey, The Lady of the me me me me me. I won! No more applause needed..ok, ok, I'll pause while you clap and congratulate me. Haaaa Haaaaaa So yep- Dwight and I battled each other to see which would receive more orders - Dwight's Jerk Chicken or Joyce's Curry Chicken. It was close for a couple days, the night before he was beating me by a couple orders. But at the end of the day....Joyce's Curry Chicken orders doubled Dwight's Jerk Chicken orders. I have to admit, as much crap talking I did about knowing I would win, even I was surprised to actually win. Dwight's Jerk anything sells like crazy. He can Jerk Chicken, Pork, Fish, Turkey Wings, Cabbage... hell, he can pob Jerk some Mac & Cheese and it would be good. The man can cook! (..I'm pretty fair for a square myself- but he is true natural self taught chef) I will give props where props are due! With that being said, We would like to Thank you all so vey much for participating in our competition. We appreciate your orders more than you know. This small family business is a lot of work. It's very time consuming and takes many hands to make it run. We not only appreciate the customers and supporters... but we sincerely appreciate our children for their hand in making this family business work. They may not always want to chop veggies, apply labels, take orders, dish orders, and do deliveries; but they do it for the family. So salute and big thanks to our PITA BABIES Taylor, Hali, Josiah, D'Lan, Colbi, Kennedy, Dwight. Jr., AKA sixx, and Chloe girl.

Because my hubby loves a good competition, new Competition ideas are on the horizon. If you have any suggestions - hit us up - we always love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Love is Love!

Team Work makes our Dream Work!

~Dwight & Joyce

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